How to get to Certosa di Pontignano (from Siena city center)

The Certosa di Pontignano is located just a few km from Siena, in the hills of Chianti and Tuscany, famous all over the world.

Once arrived in Siena, the easiest way to catch Certosa di Pontignano, where the Course is going to be held, is by taxi, it will take about 20 minutes. Telephone number of the radio taxi is: +39 (0)577 49222.

There is also a urban Bus from Siena – Piazza Gramsci to Pontignano (bus number 34), but there are only five daily trips. Here you can find the timetable to Pontignano and from Pontignano.

By bus

In Siena (Piazza Gramsci) take number 34 of the bus service (by TIEMME SPA). For schedules and more information, please visit

By taxi

For taxi service, use this phone number: (+39) 0577-49222.